Hey Pinheads!

Hey all we’re just getting started here. But this thing is going to be cool. Global scoreboard that your cabinet posts directly to after each game.

Finally a place where you can see all your scores in one place.

Brag to buddies, compare scores, have tournaments, you name it.

In addition tables will be able to bring in these scores in real time. So, want to show todays high scores on whatever table your playing on your topper? Great! Or maybe you want from this week, or this month or all time – we got you.

In addition we’re building in a bunch of triggers to disallow high scores. Use the debugger ball roller or manual ball roller, shucks no high scores posted. But we know you are all good people so this isn’t really even needed but we were asked a bunch so we did it.

Anyways we’re excited about it and we hope you are too. For the time being we’re just going to be running the beta on Stranger Things Stranger Edition to see what happens. So get those high scores up!

Visit the How To page to get started.

Much love,
ScottyWic & ModRetro