Hi all, first off you are all great. The kind words i receive are more than enough.
But many people really want to send money or donate to me which is also super nice, but gifts are more fun.

Here’s the deal though i do love tasty drinks while i sit up at night and code pinball when my family is asleep.
And everyone loves gifts. So if you feel so inclined, you can send me gifts at my office.

What I drink while coding tables

  • I love whiskeys ( smaller brands usually – like Defiant, or local is always better, never anything artificially flavored please.)
  • good unground coffee, again local is best and no artificial flavors – but a nice Ethiopian with berry notes really gets me amped.
  • Local teas are also cool, black n earthy.

My Office Address
Scott Wickberg
14378 W Bayaud Ave
Golden, CO 80401